Hayday Bake & Brew


Hayday Bake & Brew, Eastern Washington’s soon-to-open bakery, needed a look. The client’s request was a logo and an icon version of the logo. There were no color or font specifications. The client wanted the logo to represent the farm-y feel of Ellensburg, WA. The time frame of the project was initially flexible, as the construction of the bakery building was months away.


The client first requested a logo that incorporated hay, pie, and/or coffee. After some sketches, we narrowed the elements of the logo down to just highlight the hay flower. After a few more drafts, we specified the type of hay, Timothy Hay, which is commonly grown in Ellensburg.

During the process, the construction of the bakery and its store front sign were moving a lot quicker than expected. This sped up the timeline of the logo design.

Initial drawings
HBB Logo Drafts
Exploring types of hay
Hayday Icon Drafts
Drafts of the logo’s icon version
Deciding on fonts and sizes



Final Outcome

Yellow & White Imprint on Blue-01Blue & Yellow Imprint on White-01Hayday Icon Final color solid letters white back-01


It took time to narrow ideas down to a logo that was simple and effective. Through sketches and trials, we agreed that less was more. The hay flower won as the winning element to the logo!

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