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Just established, Beauty First Films needed a logo. Their logo needed to represent their mission: To inspire their viewers to travel and explore awe, beauty, and holiness. They wanted their logo to incorporate a compass rose with elements of travel, history, and movement. Colors and fonts were already determined by the company, which matched their website layout.


First we started with sketches to determine the preferred shape of the compass. We were also exploring different elements within the compass that could inspire more travel.




Digital Drafts


Final Outcome

The logo has been extremely well received by Beauty First Films staff and followers. It is simple, timeless, incorporates the compass rose, and also points “the way” to travel. We are all pleased with the final design.

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We were having difficultly narrowing down options. As we went, we kept adding more variations of the logo. We decided to let the logo drafts sit for awhile as the client played around with the different variations. After some tweaking and changing, the final logo emerged.

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